Videos Featuring Finn Peacock

  • Finn On Studio 10

  • Finn on 9 News: June 2018

    Discussing solar payback, demand tariffs & the Big Battery

  • Solar ‘101’ – Everything You Need To Know About Solar Power

    My “Solar 101” video guide will teach you more about solar power in 17 minutes and 58 seconds than most Australians will ever learn in their lifetimes.

  • Solar Batteries 101

    Everything you need to know about buying solar batteries in Australia.

  • EV Charging 101

    Just bought an Electric Car? Watch this video and you’ll know everything about EV charging in Australia so you can charge cheaply, easily and tackle electric road trips like a boss.

  • Installing a second Tesla Powerwall

    See why Sean decided to add a second Tesla Powerwall to his home, how he chose a very special tariff to take advantage of all that storage, and how the installers retrofit a second battery.