Videos Featuring Finn Peacock

  • Finn On Studio 10

  • Finn on 9 News: June 2018

    Discussing solar payback, demand tariffs & the Big Battery

  • Solar ‘101’ – Everything You Need To Know About Solar Power

    My “Solar 101” video guide will teach you more about solar power in 17 minutes and 58 seconds than most Australians will ever learn in their lifetimes.

  • How the mainstream media gets it wrong on batteries.

    A segment recently aired on Sunrise about solar battery storage. While I normally love mainstream media attention on residential solar, in this case, I was left a bit angry because it contained lots of claims that are just not true. Whilst I am super excited about the potential of batteries over the next few years to integrate more renewables into the grid, it is important that we deal in facts, not hype.

  • 6 Mistakes Australians Make When Buying Solar

    SolarQuotes has been running for 8 years now – and in that time, I’ve seen Australians make the same mistakes when buying solar PV systems.

  • The Solar Inverter Installation

    See how a solar inverter is installed as part of a good quality solar power installation and learn how to operate it safely.