Books By Finn Peacock

7 Steps to tiny bills for Australian Homeowners


The Good Solar Guide book walks Australian homeowners step-by step through specifying, buying, installing and operating a quality home solar and possibly battery system, so that they can have the security of low energy bills for decades to come.

The Good Solar Guide meets the demand for a jargon- and hype-free, independent guide that gives Australians all the information they need to confidently determine:

  • if they are a good candidate for solar – acknowledging that solar is not a good fit for everyone.
  • how many solar panels they need for optimum payback
  • whether they should get batteries too
  • which panel brands to consider and which brands should be avoided
  • how to find a great installer and negotiate a good deal
  • how to make the most of their installed system to minimize their future bills

As a Chartered Electrical Engineer and the owner of Australia’s most popular solar website, Finn Peacock has answered tens of thousands of questions from Aussie homeowners and helped more than 1-in-30 Aussie households navigate the solar market since 2009. This book uses that wealth of experience and hands on market research to provide the definitive guide to buying solar in Australia.

The Good Solar Guide is the answer for those people who have always suspected that solar may help them get their bills down dramatically but were wary about dipping their toes in the market in case they ended up with a lemon on their roof. This book will give them the confidence to buy solar with their eyes wide open as to what their payback will be, what brands they can trust and how to find an good, honest installer.