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Finn Peacock


I’m an engineer, environmentalist, entrepreneur, author and dad of 3.  When I’m not running Australia’s #1 solar website, writing about solar energy or riding my mountain bike, I’m deciding what colour to dye my hair.

I’ve been working in Australia’s solar industry since 2007, and since 2009 have grown my business, SolarQuotes®  into the most popular solar quoting website in the land; with quotes delivered to about 1-in-15 Australian homes.

Every time I go to a BBQ, the conversation invariably turns to solar and batteries.  “What do I need to know to my bills down with solar and batteries Finn?”.  I’m happy to answer, but a comprehensive response takes about 2 hours. After the gazillionth time of going hungry (Mum says it’s rude to eat and talk),  I decided it would be more efficient to just write a book that I could hand out.

Two years later here it is! The Good Solar Guide: 7 steps to tiny bills for Australian homeowners.

Follow the seven simple(ish) steps in my book and I guarantee you’ll be rewarded with a great value solar power system that will deliver low bills for decades.

Learn more about the Good Solar Guide and download the first chapter, free!

Finn in the media:
"I have never written a review good or bad for any company, however I could not let this 'thank you' go unmentioned.The information I have received has been invaluable for a novice and a widowed female navigating all the solar stuff out there. I have been able to make an informed decision & actually visit & interview the company that I have selected to install solar power. A big thank you to Finn Peacock for setting up such helpful guidance & comparisons in an easy to read & understand step by step process." -- Lorraine P, NSW
"I wanted to take a second to congratulate you on the content and 'vibe' of your site, your blog, and everything I've seen of SolarQuotes. It sounds far more authentic (horrible word, but important quality) than so much product sales stuff out there in the market. Cannot stress enough how great it is to see such a personal 'real' approach to selling solar - it really raises the trust levels." -- Kate, Newtown, NSW
"I just wanted to let you know that your site gives a great education to anyone who is looking at solar. Finding genuine third party info on solar in Australia is very very hard. Your site armed me with the knowledge I needed to get a high quality 3kw system with an expandable inverter (2 independent Mppts to save panel dramas later) installed very well by an experienced solar team. And probably enough knowledge to get credit for at least half a solar engineering degree!" -- Cheers Mel
"I have never seen such an unbiased, easy to read, complexity reducing, series of simple explanations for such a complicated topic. Your site is excellent. I look forward to the quotes. You have debunked myths, aggregated industry knowledge and streamlined it, sorted wheat from chaff or in this case mono from thin. You have done it with wit and candour and you have done it objectively." -- Reg
"I'd also like to thank you for making this service available. I knew I wanted solar but I didn't know much about it or how to go about getting info, then I found your site and I must say I found it really really helpful. I like the info, the way you write it and the videos, though maybe it helps that being English I also have a built-in affinity for the humour :) I read your Long Story too, so congratulations on being one of the few people who have a) had the aha moment and more importantly b) then done something personally about climate change. It's a good story and I am already telling others." -- Michael, Freshwater, NSW
"Just wanted to congratulate you on a fantastic site. We are considering solar for our home and yes, like most other consumers, we have found the whole decision making process somewhat daunting. However, after coming across your site, and the host of invaluable info contained within we now feel that we are armed with enough information to launch a new assault on our friendly solar providers. God help them! Well done and keep on keeping on. You have undoubtedly rescued many a poor soul from a very distressful decision making process." -- Noel, Delacombe, VIC
"You have a nice and informative website. I knew next to nothing about solar power when I got approached by a company last week to install one in my small house "for free" with 5-year lease that would be paid by "savings". Reading your website made me realise there is more to ordering a solar system than accepting a quote without any details. Good luck in your efforts to advance the use of alternative energy sources in Australia." -- Cheers Steven, Sydney, NSW
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